My name is Stephanie Moore and I would like to welcome you to Moorereptiles.  My love for Reptiles started when I was 6 years old. I had friends that had many reptiles and I was fascinated by them but could never have them as a kid due to my mother was not into reptiles. As I grew into adulthood I have owned a few reptiles and my love for them has grown allot in the past 3 years when my youngest daughter was part of a reptile club at her school in Roseville CA. She asked me to house a dragon over the summer which turn into a passion of mine dragons are so sweet and a great first time reptile pet. In 2015 I have turned my passion of bearded dragons into a  small breeding business for bearded dragons and new for 2016 Panther Chameleons.

Here at MR we focus on producing a strong, large bodied  dragon with great temperaments and beautiful colorations. We pride ourselves in being able to produce a variety  of dragons and Panther Chameleons   Of course, a Healthy dragon/Chameleon is our #1 concern. The bearded dragons  are fed organic greens starting from when they hatch we offer variety of greens from collard greens, turnip greens,mustard greens, etc. All our insects are Gut Loaded and dusted with calcium and vitamins and fed the same organic vegies to insure that are dragons are eating healthy. 

Please do your homework, ask questions, please make sure you can meet all the husbandry needs for a beardie or chameleon. We will post up available beardies and chameleons for sale on our Baby's for sale page. Please email us with any questions you may have. We want to earn your business!

Thanks for visiting Moorereptiles!!